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Autumn Breeze

Long Noble Life Eyebrow
Bai Shou Mei

With a flavour as rich and sweet as its name is amusing, Long Noble Life Eyebrow (Bai Shou Mai) receives its name from the shape of the leaves.


  • Aroma Floral and oaky
  • Leaves A crisp tumble of autumnal colours
  • Liquid Reddish brown with a mossy tint
  • Taste Warm and robust, yet sweet

Box contains 50g of loose tea





The reddish leaves of our Autumn Breeze tea are aged to rich perfection. Enjoyment of this rare blend was once limited to emperors. It was celebrated not only for its exceptional flavour but for its many health properties.

“The Autumn Breeze leaves have a warm and oaky aroma ”

Autumn Breeze Tea



This tea is sourced from Fujian province. The best leaves are harvested in the Spring and all our teas are bought exclusively in the Spring.


Fujian Province