Keep Germs Away With Tea!

Mountain Green TeaIt’s that time of year where the germs move in as the weather gets cooler and most of us will succumb to a nasty cold at some point. With over 200 different strains of the nasty cold virus, it is impossible to vaccinate against, but there are many things we can do to prevent the risk of infection. One of these things is to simply drink tea!

The simple act of drinking tea will help to keep you warm and offer some comfort.

However, green teas and white teas are naturally high in anti-oxidants that can help to boost the natural immune system. A healthy immune system is less susceptible to colds. Green tea also contains natural catechins, two of these being ECG and EGCG which can help to fight off colds.

Adding a spoonful of raw, wild honey to your tea also offers relief towards the pain of a sore throat and contains vitamin C, giving the immune system another natural boost.

Wrap up and keep warm with a cup of tea.

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