Start your Day with a Healthy Boost, the Natural Way

Pure, Fresh Green TeaDrinking a cup of tea at breakfast time is a long-standing British tradition, and one that can be a very healthy way to begin the day. For the health conscious amongst you, drinking a cup of tea can actually be an even healthier way to start the day, with a pure and natural tea. The pure and fresh tea leaves will replenish the body with antioxidants, plus other 600 natural properties, from vitamins and minerals that will give a healthy boost which will help your body to energize and be ready for a great day. These are the extras benefits that you will not find in any tea bag.

We recommend a hot cup of our High Mountain Black Tea, a smooth blend suitable for adding milk, sugar and honey where desired. For a treat on a special occasion, you could swap this for the exquisite Red Rose with its rich, floral aroma. For the health conscious, you will find pleasure in enjoying a cup of Fresh Green Tea before breakfast, enjoying the fresh flavour whilst treating your body to the benefits of this detoxing blend.

Try it for 2-3 weeks and you will feel the difference, guaranteed!

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