Honey For All Seasons

Autumn HoneyRaw, unprocessed honey contains over 600 components including a wide range of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients essential to your health, which are lost in mass-produced honey. A natural alternative to sugar, honey is a far healthier choice than fruit jams, which are often extremely high in sugars. But which honey should you choose? All of our natural honeys offer a range of health benefits and should be enjoyed all year round.

Spring Honey: A light texture, with a floral aroma.
Summer Honey: Creamy in colour, with a light texture, this has a gentle flowery aroma.
Autumn Honey: Aged and rich, with a deep, soothing taste.
Winter Honey: A smooth and silky taste, this white honey is full of intrigue.
Red Rose Honey: An exquisite honey with the delicate taste of roses.

Enjoy and share, with family and friends.


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