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There’s a lot of terminology associated with tea and this can sometimes be confusing to the newcomer to the world of loose leaf teas. Here are our definitions on commonly used terms.

Steeping: Allowing the tea leaves to rest in hot water until the liquid takes on the flavour of tea.

Infusion: The flavour extracted from the tea leaves. Our tea leaves are of the highest grade and can be infused several times.

Puerh: A rare form of tea, oxidised for a rich flavour.

Oolong: A semi oxidised tea with an exquisite flavour.

Oxidise: The natural darkening of tea leaves.

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  • Ainee Beland
    26th October 2012 at 2:41 pm

    I like you folks at In Teas and I have enjoyed the teas that I have tried immensely. This world uses others and discard them when done. It is nice to know for a brief moment a cup of tea can remove the unpleasantness that comes with living. We are to be all of God’s creatures, yet money, income, status, ethnicity, residence…overrides all of this equal in the eyes of God; don’t figure. I don’t communicate well. Thank you!

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