What’s so special about raw honey?

Autumn HoneyPure, raw honey comes directly from the beehive and contains over 600 components, including a range of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients essential to good health. Unheated, unpasteurised and unprocessed, this is honey in its purest form, meaning that all health benefits are retained. By comparison, supermarket honey is processed to make it look appealing on the shelf and easy to package, leading to a huge loss of health benefits and an inferior product.

The best wild honey is unfiltered which means that often grains of pollen and shards of honeycomb are visible in the jar – an indication of the real thing. Harvested at different times of the year, the taste and properties of raw honey can change depending on the natural elements – this is the real magic of pure honey.

A natural remedy to colds and throat infections thanks to the natural presence of penicillin and rich in anti-oxidants, our exquisite honeys with their unique flavours remain unmatched in the market.

Taste the wild, pure and natural taste – only found and produced as Nature created – unaltered from the most pristine forest in the world.

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