And the winner is…!

Wow! We loved reading your entries into our fantastic competition. After much deliberation, we eventually decided that the winner is Craig Wood! Congratulations! We loved your entry so much, we just had to share it with our fans:

Red Rose HoneyTo start the new year, throw in some green tea
detox from new year, and cleanse your body
some Jasmine in spring, to refresh the mind
the sweet floral taste, is a must to find
for cool summer nights, try crisp Oolong Tea
flavoured woody and thick, to fruit and honey
in brisk autumn time, try tea red and black
its smooth heavy heat, puts due winter back
but when the cold comes, Pureh tea is at hand
an earthy pure taste, that makes all feel grand

Congratulations also to Steve O’Brien and Oleg Makaed who came second and third.

Enjoy your honey!

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