Easy Green Tea Recipes

Delicious, high in anti-oxidants and perfect for detoxing, we all know that Green Tea is considered a super-food, and with good reason! However, did you know that in order to retain maximum health benefits from this humble tea leaf, you should eat it in addition to drinking it? Here are our top tips for incorporating green tea into your meals!

Salads. A quick and easy way of ensuring you get your five a day, we particular enjoy a fresh salad during the summer months. For a unique twist, try sprinkling some green tea leaves such as Spring Green – Bi Luo Chun (Alpine Tea) on top for a delicious boost in anti-oxidants.

Stir-fry. As above, a delicious stir-fry is a quick and healthy meal. Once again, try stirring in some green tea leaves for an added boost and a unique and delicious taste!

Porridge. A fantastic way to start the day, instead of making your bowl with unhealthy cream or boring water, why not steep some green tea and make with this instead? An incredibly healthy breakfast, it can also be sweetened with a drop of honey for a special treat.


Smoothies. A popular treat, especially after a workout, add some tea leave to the blender next time you mix up this wholesome treat.

We’d love to hear your top tips!

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