Of Hotels and The Beijing International Tea Expo

In May 2014, one of the world’s largest hotel chains received 1500 Chinese guests attending a convention. Just as well then that, when they opened their 4000th hotel, they discussed the importance of accommodating the massive global tea culture. In the USA they employ Chinese speaking staff and cater for tea enthusiasts by serving tea in the Chinese style.


The reason the hotel giant has introduced this service for tea savvy guests is that there has been a big increase in Chinese visitors to the country. It is not just the Chinese tea service that has been introduced, but also their staff has been trained in how to welcome Chinese guests according to formal customs and how to assign rooms for example, the Chinese regard rooms that begin with 4 as being unlucky. One of the hotels in New York has changed VIP rooms to have names rather than numbers in order to completely avoid any potential gaffe.

Meanwhile, in China itself, the 2014 China International Tea Expo took place in the Beijing Exhibition Center. More than 300 tea producers attended the event together with government officials from key tea production areas and delegates from a dozen countries. The China International Tea Expo was rated as a great success with thousands of visitors tasting tens of thousands of cups of the major Chinese teas during the event.

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