Yunnan Province Area hit by Earthquake

Yunnan Province – Puerh Tea

Yunnan province is in the south west of China; it is a tough land since most of the terrain is rough and mountainous. It has plenty of rain, fertile soil and is said to be the province where the tea tree, Camellia Sinensis, was first deliberately cultivated. It is alleged that the Pu people were the instigators and cultivated tea trees to send tea as a tribute to the emperors of the Shang dynasty, about 2000BC.


August 2014

It is also a land of earthquakes. On Sunday 3rd august, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit the Yunnan region. This caused the death of almost 400 people and injured nearly 2000. It was the strongest earthquake in the province for 14 years. Scenes from the towns and villages, consisting of non-earthquake proof housing, resemble a battered war zone. Motorbikes lying on their sides amongst building rubble; shop fronts lying across the pavement; cars crushed under masonry and steel toppled from buildings; no electricity, little in the way of communications and no running water as pipes were broken. And everywhere, frightened, desperate faces.

For a full report on this Chinese earthquake in Yunnan –

The problems caused by the earthquake in Yunnan have been exacerbated by the persistent rain which has caused landslides and cut roads.The situation is so bad that the Chinese government have sent in troops to distribute tents, beds and clothing to those affected. They are also involved with search and rescue.

Our Puerh tea Producers

We have not yet heard from our tea suppliers in the region and hope that they are alright. They are small businesses run in a traditional way, producing high quality pu-erh tea for connoisseurs of this amazing drink the world over.

Our thoughts remain with the injured and families of the dead. If you have a religion, please spare a prayer for Yunnan province.

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