Hand Picked Matters

There are many ways that teas may be harvested. Among the many stages of the tea culture there is a very simple stage that may be overlooked but has a huge impact in the quality of the leaves and ultimately of the taster an aroma. The handpicked teas. I would say surely not the ones you would find inside tea bags.

As we live in an era where most growers have one and only goal, to maximize profits it does make sense to use machines to collect the leaves from the trees. Moreover is the fact that in China most of the young people migrate from the countryside to the cities looking for work, the handpicked tea is now rare.

Nevertheless, there are still the traditional growers, most of them from small local farms that have resisted the pressure from the big companies that are now responsible for the majority of the tea farms.

The handpicked leaves have many benefits. One the picker do not pick the damaged leaves that sometimes may have dirt and insects …. The machine cannot distinct the condition of the leaves. Also, the machine often cuts other part of the tree that are not necessarily the leaf deteriorating the taste of the teas.

So yes, next time you buy your teas look the for the source and how the tea leaves were picked , you will notice the difference in the taste and aroma of your next tea cup .

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