The Caffeine Factor

All teas come from the same plant species and they all have some degree of caffeine, except Herbal Teas and the Lotus Tea. Therefore, people that have sleeping issues should avoid drinking after 6 PM in the evening and pregnant woman should not drink teas.

The blend of tea will determine the level of caffeine, Black teas generally have the highest amount of caffeine. The other factor is the length of brew time. Every tea has a different way to be brewed so there are different levels and effects from the caffeine in teas. My suggestion is that each drinker should always try different blends and consider how it affects your day and wellbeing.

We are all different and only each person can best identify which tea suits his or hers habits. My colleague Louise tells me that she cannot properly wake up without her Green Teas, my neighbour likes his Jasmine in the morning and I prefer the Black. The main thing is to enjoy and keep healthy, teas are one of the beverages you can drink at home, in the office or out and about.

Enjoy, and share it with family and friends.

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