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Say NO to plastic!

We’ve previously explained how different teas suit different water temperatures, but did you know that different teas should also be made in different tea pots for maximum flavour? One thing is for sure though, you should never use plastic to drink your tea as it can ruin the superior flavour. So what should you use?


Fresh & Wild

Enjoyed by celebrities worldwide due to the numerous health benefits offered, puerh tea can aid slimming, digestion and boasts anti-bacterial properties. Our sweet Wild Buds Puerh is hand picked from the highest mountains of Yunnan and is the most pure and natural tea available. A feast for the senses, a natural boost for your health

The Great Detox Challenge!

Are you a blogger? Are you worrying about the excesses during the holiday season? Why not take our Detox Challenge? We’re looking for a couple of bloggers who are willing to take our Challenge and blog about it throughout the month of January. We’ll provide you with the naturally caffeine-free Lotus Tea to aid your

Top Tea!

We’ve said before how proud we are of our pure and organic loose leaf teas, to be enjoyed as nature intended. However, it’s always lovely to hear positive feedback and we were thrilled to hear that we are one of the bestselling brands of loose leaf teas in the Piccadilly branch of Whole Foods Market.

Tibet Tea – Tea of the Month

A new blend of red and flower teas, Tibet Dream has evoked the imagination of many as its red deep colors remind the Chinese of the deep red robes of the Tibet Monks. This blend is an exceptional combination of a red/black tea with a floral after-taste. Sweet in the palate and mild, this is

A Match Made in Heaven – Watch

The Red Rose Honey & Red Rose Tea … and they lived happily ever after. Many thanks to Petra from Girl on a Rocking Horse for making this wonderful video blog about our beautiful Red Rose Tea & Honey! Click here to view it. It’s great to receive such wonderful feedback and we’re always thrilled