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A Natural Remedy for the Common Cold

It’s that time of year where the air is thick with germs and various strains of the common cold are doing the rounds. Drinking Green Tea and White Tea can help to build up the immune system due to the anti-oxidants they contain and act as a natural preventative to the common cold. However, what

Tibet Tea – Time for Sleep

In these busy times, it is a sad but true fact that nearly half of the population of the world have problems sleeping, with more people turning to over the counter remedies. We believe that pure and natural lifestyle choices offer the best help and are pleased to introduce our stunning new wild flower tea

Why you should eat Raw Honey

Raw, unprocessed honey contains over 600 components including a wide range of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients essential to your health. Commercial, mass-produced honey loses many of the health benefits during processing, meaning that your body will be losing out on the many natural nutrients found in raw honey. It is also high in vitamin C,

Honey, A Natural Sweetener

At In Nature, we believe that our pure and natural teas are so delicious that they don’t require any sweetening. However, we also know that some people like a sweeter taste and that sometimes, a sweet treat is needed. We don’t believe in using artificial sweeteners or adding unhealthy processed sugars though; for a pure

Surprise Your Friends

Tea is a popular tradition in Britain, with friends often arranging to meet to enjoy tea and cakes with good company. It’s also common for friends and families to pop over for a welcome cuppa and to catch up with friends. So next time around show your friends something that they have never seen and

après digestive

Did you know that in France, it is traditional to serve a fine liquor after a rich, heavy meal? It is believed that this can help with the digestion process. However, drinking a high quality tea is a healthy alternative to this tradition. Both Black and Puerh teas are ideal for enjoying after a meal

Blog Round Up

We’re really proud of our fantastic range of natural teas. That’s why we’re always really pleased to hear that you love our teas as much as we do! We’ve been thrilled to receive such great reviews from so many blogs and couldn’t wait to share them with you:     Planet Veggie reviews Lotus Tea

Cold Outside, Keep Warm Inside

With the ongoing drop of the temperature, we’re now well into the autumn colder months. We believe there is no better way to keep warm inside than to enjoy a lovely, cup of tea. Tea is a thermogenic, meaning that it helps the body to create increased internal heat. Stepping in from the chilly weather,