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Oolong Tea & Mental Health

Whilst not strictly ‘fitness’, regard for mental health is becoming more and more prevalent in social life. Exercise has an excellent way of boosting feelings of wellbeing and meditation apps are becoming commonplace as mindfulness gains popularity. Tea, of course, can boost your feeling here. Consider a deep flavoured oolong tea to give a deep and delicious


Detoxers – Green Tea Base

The term ‘detoxing’ can be slightly misleading – your kidneys and liver, if everything’s working properly, will do this for you. What tea does for you is to reduce free radicals in your system, which reduces your risk of cancer. Early studies have shown green tea reduces some cancers, and the lower rate of disease in

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Slimming Tea – Waist Slimmers

We’ve already touched upon waist slimming tea, but we’ll expand a bit here. The science behind the weight loss element of green tea is catechin polyphenols. These are absent in black tea due to the fermentation process. In layman’s terms, they stimulate the breakdown of your fat, helping to keep the weight off. For this purpose, use