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How to Increase Your Pesticide and Other Toxins Intake

Simple, drink Teavana and Celestial Seasoning teas! Or at least if the reports are to be believed. Almost 12 months ago, Glaucus Research, a Californian based corporate research company investigated the Teavana – Starbucks deal. Their report was quite shocking. It suggested that Teavana, suppliers of supposedly expensive high quality pesticide free teas were duping


Easy Green Tea Recipes

Delicious, high in anti-oxidants and perfect for detoxing, we all know that Green Tea is considered a super-food, and with good reason! However, did you know that in order to retain maximum health benefits from this humble tea leaf, you should eat it in addition to drinking it? Here are our top tips for incorporating

Detox Pack – 2 days remaining!

Thanks to popular demand, we extended the sale of our fantastic Detox Pack throughout the month of February. With only 2 days left to purchase this fantastic kit containing everything you need for a detox, once it’s gone, it’s gone! At just £15, containing a box of Lotus Tea, a box of Spring Green Tea


Fresh & Wild

Enjoyed by celebrities worldwide due to the numerous health benefits offered, puerh tea can aid slimming, digestion and boasts anti-bacterial properties. Our sweet Wild Buds Puerh is hand picked from the highest mountains of Yunnan and is the most pure and natural tea available. A feast for the senses, a natural boost for your health

The Great Detox Challenge!

Are you a blogger? Are you worrying about the excesses during the holiday season? Why not take our Detox Challenge? We’re looking for a couple of bloggers who are willing to take our Challenge and blog about it throughout the month of January. We’ll provide you with the naturally caffeine-free Lotus Tea to aid your

Slim Teas

It’s a fact of life that most people over indulge during the holiday season. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that most people decide to see in the New Year with good resolutions to live a healthy lifestyle and treat their body to a cleansing detox. Available exclusively from In Nature, our Slim Lotus Tea is naturally

What’s so special about raw honey?

Pure, raw honey comes directly from the beehive and contains over 600 components, including a range of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients essential to good health. Unheated, unpasteurised and unprocessed, this is honey in its purest form, meaning that all health benefits are retained. By comparison, supermarket honey is processed to make it look appealing