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May 2013 Promo – Black Tea

This month, receive a FREE tea strainer with every order of High Mountain Black Tea, exclusively from In Nature. Ideal for aiding the digestion with a rich, smooth flavour, this tea is the perfect way to start the day and with a free strainer with every order, this is the perfect introduction to the wonderful

Spring Green – In Nature Tea of the Month

Posted on 2 April, 2013 by silver needle The words Bi Lo Chun translate literally to mean ‘spring snail shell’. The leaves are picked in the spring. Then, when you see this tea, you will notice that the leaves are rolled into small balls which resemble snail shells. When brewed, this green tea produces a

Detox for Free!

During January 2013, receive a free box of our exclusive Lotus Tea – slim line with any order online only from In Nature. Naturally caffeine-free and therefore suitable for drinking during pregnancy, this mild and refreshing tea will aid your body with detoxing and cleansing, perfect following the over-indulgence of Christmas!

Tibet Tea – Tea of the Month

A new blend of red and flower teas, Tibet Dream has evoked the imagination of many as its red deep colors remind the Chinese of the deep red robes of the Tibet Monks. This blend is an exceptional combination of a red/black tea with a floral after-taste. Sweet in the palate and mild, this is

Tibet Tea – Time for Sleep

In these busy times, it is a sad but true fact that nearly half of the population of the world have problems sleeping, with more people turning to over the counter remedies. We believe that pure and natural lifestyle choices offer the best help and are pleased to introduce our stunning new wild flower tea

Red Rose – The Tea of Love

A mild and sweet black/red tea from the Zhejian region with a deep aroma of red roses, our exquisite Red Rose tea is just as delicious and soothing and tender as it is beautiful, with the rosebuds, the flower of love, nestling amongst the pure tea leaves, a sweet gesture to say “I love you”.