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Detoxers – Green Tea Base

The term ‘detoxing’ can be slightly misleading – your kidneys and liver, if everything’s working properly, will do this for you. What tea does for you is to reduce free radicals in your system, which reduces your risk of cancer. Early studies have shown green tea reduces some cancers, and the lower rate of disease in

Green Tea - Slimming Tea - In Nature Teas

Slimming Tea – Waist Slimmers

We’ve already touched upon waist slimming tea, but we’ll expand a bit here. The science behind the weight loss element of green tea is catechin polyphenols. These are absent in black tea due to the fermentation process. In layman’s terms, they stimulate the breakdown of your fat, helping to keep the weight off. For this purpose, use


Why Tea?

You should consider drinking tea because of the sheer versatility of the stuff. Tea is no longer confined to English breakfast. Green teas are easily acquired in a range of different flavours, as are white tea and different strengths of black tea. This means that, when it comes to fitness, you can find the perfect

Pure Teas, hot or cold, are a delight

Whilst iced teas have become more popular in the UK over recent years, not everyone has yet been converted to the idea of taking their tea chilled. However, good teas are usually perfect to drink hot or cold. In fact, our teas are delightful when just simply prepared and allowed to chill in the fridge,

The Caffeine Factor

All teas come from the same plant species and they all have some degree of caffeine, except Herbal Teas and the Lotus Tea. Therefore, people that have sleeping issues should avoid drinking after 6 PM in the evening and pregnant woman should not drink teas. The blend of tea will determine the level of caffeine, Black teas generally


Christmas Shopping made easy with In Nature!

It’s that time of year again and at In Nature we are making Christmas shopping easy! We deliver worldwide so why not pick out a beautiful tea set, or a selection of high quality organic teas sourced from the highest mountains in China!  


Wimbledon Tea Time

Wimbledon is nearing finals day and like most of the country, we are looking forward to sitting down and enjoying the final match with a cold beverage and a bowl of fresh strawberries! However, with cool alcoholic drinks being the usual drink of choice, what about a healthier option? Here at In Nature, we’re a


Pure Iced Tea for Summer

Summer is finally here and as the days grow ever hotter, it’s important to hydrate ourselves and keep cool. Although it is well known that tea will cool you down in warm weather, sometimes we just want to enjoy a cool and refreshing beverage. So why not treat your tastebuds with a pure and natural


Say NO to plastic!

We’ve previously explained how different teas suit different water temperatures, but did you know that different teas should also be made in different tea pots for maximum flavour? One thing is for sure though, you should never use plastic to drink your tea as it can ruin the superior flavour. So what should you use?