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Ethics Matter – Taste the Difference

We’re proud to offer the highest quality teas on the market – absolutely guaranteed and are committed to offering our customers the highest standard teas, whilst supporting tea picked by local farmers in China and cared for by their families for hundreds of years. Our fine teas are sourced from the highest mountains and only

The Temperature of Tea

Did you know that the temperature of your water can make a big difference to the quality and taste of your cup of tea? Just like different teas should be steeped for different periods of time, different tea leaves also require different water temperatures. Here’s our quick guide to water temperature: Oolong – Boiling water

Honey, A Natural Sweetener

At In Nature, we believe that our pure and natural teas are so delicious that they don’t require any sweetening. However, we also know that some people like a sweeter taste and that sometimes, a sweet treat is needed. We don’t believe in using artificial sweeteners or adding unhealthy processed sugars though; for a pure

The Dictionary of Tea

There’s a lot of terminology associated with tea and this can sometimes be confusing to the newcomer to the world of loose leaf teas. Here are our definitions on commonly used terms. Steeping: Allowing the tea leaves to rest in hot water until the liquid takes on the flavour of tea. Infusion: The flavour extracted

Tea with cake, anyone?

We love the occasional slice of cake and believe that sometimes there really is nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea with a tasty baked treat.  So, which teas are best with cakes and biscuits? Here are our suggestions, take your pick!   Black Tea If you’re partial to a slice of cake, such

Simply Pure

We’re really committed to the purity of our teas. We offer our customers the highest grade tea leaves available and sourced from the best tea gardens in the world, cared for by families who are committed to the tea tradition for the past centuries. Only the best leaves are selected which are flown every week

Pure Teas – The Perfect Gift

Simply, personal and uniquely full of goodness …and it says, “I care”. Loose leaf teas are an affordable and thoughtful gift for any special occasion, from a dinner party to a Christmas gift. With so many blends to select from, it is easy to make your gift PERSONAL. A few tips – Green to the

Chilled Teas – A Taste of Summer

We’re really enjoying our hot summer at the moment, especially as it’s the perfect weather for cold beverages! As a refreshing change, why not enjoy a chilled cup of refreshing lotus tea, or quench your thirst with the pure flavours of chilled puerh? Simply brew your tea as usual and allow to cool before chilling

How to strain teas

Thanks to the arrival of convenience tea bags to the market, it is not surprising that many people no longer have the knowledge of how to strain tea. It is important to know how to do this seemingly straight-forward task properly to prevent the gathering of loose tea leaves at the bottom of the cup