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Detoxers – Green Tea Base

The term ‘detoxing’ can be slightly misleading – your kidneys and liver, if everything’s working properly, will do this for you. What tea does for you is to reduce free radicals in your system, which reduces your risk of cancer. Early studies have shown green tea reduces some cancers, and the lower rate of disease in


Pure Iced Tea for Summer

Summer is finally here and as the days grow ever hotter, it’s important to hydrate ourselves and keep cool. Although it is well known that tea will cool you down in warm weather, sometimes we just want to enjoy a cool and refreshing beverage. So why not treat your tastebuds with a pure and natural


Yunnan Province Area hit by Earthquake

Yunnan Province – Puerh Tea Yunnan province is in the south west of China; it is a tough land since most of the terrain is rough and mountainous. It has plenty of rain, fertile soil and is said to be the province where the tea tree, Camellia Sinensis, was first

Merry Christmas

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for their continued support for our brand. We’d like to raise a cup of tea and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! See you in 2013! In good health and high spirits, from all of us at In Nature

Top Tea!

We’ve said before how proud we are of our pure and organic loose leaf teas, to be enjoyed as nature intended. However, it’s always lovely to hear positive feedback and we were thrilled to hear that we are one of the bestselling brands of loose leaf teas in the Piccadilly branch of Whole Foods Market.

Red Rose Tea – Competition Winner

Thank you to those of you who entered our recent competition to win a box of our beautiful Red Rose Tea. We loved reading all the different reasons why you enjoy tea and we are pleased to announce that the lucky winner, selected by a Random Number Generator was Ainee Beland. Ainee enjoys drinking tea

September Promotion

It’s hard to believe that Summer is nearly over and Autumn is on its way. We believe that now is a great time to stock up on your teas for the month ahead and are pleased to announce details of our September Online Promotion, valid for the whole month of September. Any order over £20