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Hand Picked Matters

There are many ways that teas may be harvested. Among the many stages of the tea culture there is a very simple stage that may be overlooked but has a huge impact in the quality of the leaves and ultimately of the taster an aroma. The handpicked teas. I would say surely not the ones


The Quality of Teas

Quality of teas There are no good or bad teas,  it is a personal taste, bitter, sweet, strong, mellow.  It’s endless. The best Teas are quite different according to the harvest

In Media!

We’ve done it again! We’re proud of our tea and we are thrilled to confirm that we are featured in the Spring edition of Fine Foodies magazine, in an article about afternoon tea time. We believe that no matter how stressful your day is, there is always time for a cuppa and the simple act

Spring Green – In Nature Tea of the Month

Posted on 2 April, 2013 by silver needle The words Bi Lo Chun translate literally to mean ‘spring snail shell’. The leaves are picked in the spring. Then, when you see this tea, you will notice that the leaves are rolled into small balls which resemble snail shells. When brewed, this green tea produces a

Detox for Free!

During January 2013, receive a free box of our exclusive Lotus Tea – slim line with any order online only from In Nature. Naturally caffeine-free and therefore suitable for drinking during pregnancy, this mild and refreshing tea will aid your body with detoxing and cleansing, perfect following the over-indulgence of Christmas!

Slim Teas

It’s a fact of life that most people over indulge during the holiday season. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that most people decide to see in the New Year with good resolutions to live a healthy lifestyle and treat their body to a cleansing detox. Available exclusively from In Nature, our Slim Lotus Tea is naturally