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Tibet Tea – Tea of the Month

A new blend of red and flower teas, Tibet Dream has evoked the imagination of many as its red deep colors remind the Chinese of the deep red robes of the Tibet Monks. This blend is an exceptional combination of a red/black tea with a floral after-taste. Sweet in the palate and mild, this is

Surprise Your Friends

Tea is a popular tradition in Britain, with friends often arranging to meet to enjoy tea and cakes with good company. It’s also common for friends and families to pop over for a welcome cuppa and to catch up with friends. So next time around show your friends something that they have never seen and

Autumn Breeze – The Ultimate Health Tea

Known as the “Tea of Emperors”, white teas are known to be the healthiest of teas available. White teas are the least processed of all teas, which means that they contain the maximum health benefits available. They are even higher in anti-oxidants than green tea and contain lower levels of caffeine. Formerly one of China’s

Cold Outside, Keep Warm Inside

With the ongoing drop of the temperature, we’re now well into the autumn colder months. We believe there is no better way to keep warm inside than to enjoy a lovely, cup of tea. Tea is a thermogenic, meaning that it helps the body to create increased internal heat. Stepping in from the chilly weather,

In Nature in the Media!

We were thrilled this week to discover that we’ve been featured in long-running weekly publication Woman’s Weekly. Editor Diane Kenwood, described our Fresh Green Tea as one of her favourite things! Thanks Diane! To read the article, simply click on the picture for a full sized image.

Tea and Pregnancy?

We at In Nature Tea, believe that your health is of the up most importance. For this reason, we tell our customers the clear and only appropriate answer: During pregnancy, you should not drink teas, except the naturally caffeine-free Lotus. Tea contains caffeine and this can affect your new born. For a caffeine-free and relaxing

Red Rose Tea – Competition Winner

Thank you to those of you who entered our recent competition to win a box of our beautiful Red Rose Tea. We loved reading all the different reasons why you enjoy tea and we are pleased to announce that the lucky winner, selected by a Random Number Generator was Ainee Beland. Ainee enjoys drinking tea

Red Rose – The Tea of Love

A mild and sweet black/red tea from the Zhejian region with a deep aroma of red roses, our exquisite Red Rose tea is just as delicious and soothing and tender as it is beautiful, with the rosebuds, the flower of love, nestling amongst the pure tea leaves, a sweet gesture to say “I love you”.

A Tea for the Emperor…now available!

Made as a tribute to the Emperor during China’s Song Dynasty, the exquisite Silver Needle white tea is both beautiful to behold and sublime to drink, in addition to offering a host of health benefits. Brewed in China for over a thousand years, the rest of the world has only recently started to drink this

New – White Moon – Fresh Puerh

This Fresh Puerh has its roots in the old tradition of the Yun Nan Region, to cultivate and find new blends of its most popular teas, the Puerh. The locals mostly drink it in the fresh form as they believe it has a “fresher” taste, which is more in tune to the long mild climate