The Red Rose – September Tea of the Month

You have never tasted anything like it, seen it or experienced this exquisite blend. A mild and sweet black/red tea from the Zhejian region with the aroma of red roses flower teas from the Jiansu region – this is a match made in heaven. The taste is very mild , soothing and still with a

The History of Oolong Tea in the Fújiàn province

We’re fascinated by the history of different teas and hope that you’ll enjoy the brief history of Oolong as much as we do! There are many different varieties of Oolong (Wulong), a traditional Chinese tea which has been partially fermented. The origins of the tea can be traced back a thousand years to the Fújiàn

September Promotion

It’s hard to believe that Summer is nearly over and Autumn is on its way. We believe that now is a great time to stock up on your teas for the month ahead and are pleased to announce details of our September Online Promotion, valid for the whole month of September. Any order over £20

Simply Pure

We’re really committed to the purity of our teas. We offer our customers the highest grade tea leaves available and sourced from the best tea gardens in the world, cared for by families who are committed to the tea tradition for the past centuries. Only the best leaves are selected which are flown every week

Tea Talk

We believe that tea is not just a drink, but a way of life, and we are passionate about bringing you the best pure teas that we can find. That’s why it’s so wonderful to hear that you love our teas as much as we do! We always welcome your feedback and we were especially delighted

Pure Teas – The Perfect Gift

Simply, personal and uniquely full of goodness …and it says, “I care”. Loose leaf teas are an affordable and thoughtful gift for any special occasion, from a dinner party to a Christmas gift. With so many blends to select from, it is easy to make your gift PERSONAL. A few tips – Green to the

Chilled Teas – A Taste of Summer

We’re really enjoying our hot summer at the moment, especially as it’s the perfect weather for cold beverages! As a refreshing change, why not enjoy a chilled cup of refreshing lotus tea, or quench your thirst with the pure flavours of chilled puerh? Simply brew your tea as usual and allow to cool before chilling