How to strain teas

Thanks to the arrival of convenience tea bags to the market, it is not surprising that many people no longer have the knowledge of how to strain tea. It is important to know how to do this seemingly straight-forward task properly to prevent the gathering of loose tea leaves at the bottom of the cup

Tea Tastings – Your Feedback!

We had a great time at Whole Foods Market, Kensington and Partridges, Sloane Square last weekend where we held demonstrations of some of our teas.  It’s always nice to hear positive feedback and we were thrilled to hear our Lotus tea described as “simply magnificent”, and the wonderful floral aroma of our Jasmine tea as

The History of Puerh Tea

Puerh (Pu’er) tea is a dark tea sourced from the Yunnan region of China and is a Chinese speciality, with a history spanning 1700 years. The name comes from ‘Pu’er County’ in the Yunnan Province which used to be a trading post for dark tea during Imperial China. It is believed that the Prime Minister

Tea Tastings This Weekend

Do you want to sample our delicious teas this weekend? Why not pop down to Whole Foods Market, 63-97 Kensington High Street, W8 5SE between 3.00-6.00pm on Saturday, 11th August where we will be giving a demonstration. Can’t make it? We’ll be at Partridges of Sloane Square, 2-5 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY between

Why EATING green teas can be good for the health

It’s common knowledge that drinking green tea offers many health benefits, but did you know that further benefits are offered from eating green tea leaves? Using green tea leaves in salads, blending into smoothies or using as a seasoning for foods is a delicious way of getting the nutritional benefits that green tea has to

Welcome to Tea Talk & Tips

Hello there, and welcome to our brand new page: Tea Talk and Tips.   We wanted to launch a brand new space where we could engage with our customers directly on our website, and let you know about all of the exciting offers we have each month. We also have tea tastings, product launches and tea

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