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Floral Oolong

Eastern Beauty - Dong Fang Mei Ren

This tea, known as ‘Eastern Beauty’ (Dong Fang Mei Ren), is a very mild oolong from the high mountains of Taiwan. This tea has a special flower called Tian Ye, which gives a natural sweetness from Stevia which makes it suitable for diabetes. A floral infusion, this tea works well with milk and, and makes a delicious afternoon drink to share with guests.


  • Aroma: Floral with sandalwood notes
  • Leaves: Long, liquorice-dark strands
  • Liquid: A dark amber, flame-coloured liquid
  • Taste: Floral, with dried apricot on the finish

Box contains 50g of loose Oolong tea





“The Floral Oolong tea units are perfect for on the go retunes and uplifts”

Floral Oolong Tea



This tea is sourced from Taiwan. The best leaves are harvested in Autumn and we exclusively buy these teas in Autumn.


Taiwan Province




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