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Jasmine Premium Flower Snow

Molin Hua Bai Xue

This sublime blend combines white jasmine flowers buds (molin hua) from Jiansu with Spring Green tea and whole rose buds. Its delicate aroma invites you to taste the fresh jasmine as it blossoms in the cup. This is the perfect tea to provide a gentle boost at any time of day.


  • Aroma: A full, fresh blossom-tinged scent that lifts the soul
  • Leaves: White Jasmine buds, resembling snow flakes, with green tea leaves and rose buds
  • Liquid: Clear with sunlit forest tones
  • Taste: Mild floral body with a slightly sweet finish

Box contains 50g of loose tea





“A beautiful blend of white Jasmine buds resembling snow flakes with green tea and whole rose buds"




This tea is sourced from Fujian.