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Red Rose

Hua Hong Cha

Our truly exquisite Red Rose (Hua Hong Cha) is a mild yet deeply floral blend of sweet black tea from the Zhejian region with red roses from Jiansu; a match made in heaven. A wonderfully warming tea, Red Rose can be enjoyed black or with milk and sugar.


  • Aroma: Delicate rose perfume with oaky notes
  • Leaves: Dark twisted leaves with tiny rose buds
  • Liquid: Deep red
  • Taste: A rose flavour develops into a sweet finish

Box contains 50g of loose tea





“The Red Rose tea leaves are twisted dark leaves with red rose buds. The aroma is a sublime perfume.”




This tea is sourced from Zhejian province. The best leaves are harvested in the Spring and our Red Rose tea is exclusively bought in the Spring.


Zhejian Province