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Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Molin Hua

For this special blend, jasmine blossoms (molin hua) from Jiansu are picked early in the morning and rolled by hand with our Mountain Green tea into pearl-like bundles. A perfectly-balanced combination of flavours allows fine floral notes to sing, without overpowering the elegance of the green leaves.


  • Aroma: Jasmine blossom and spring-fresh green tea
  • Leaves: Tiny silken moss-green bundles
  • Liquid: A pink-blonde infusion
  • Taste: A well-rounded tea with perfumed jasmine topnotes
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Jasmine Dragon Pearls 50g
Jasmine Dragon Pearls 100g




“The Jasmine Pearls leaves are tiny moss-green bundles.”




This tea is sourced from Fujian province.


Fujian Province




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