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Lotus Tea - Slim Herbal Tea

The lotus flower is celebrated as a symbol of purity and serenity in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Our herbal tea contains only the lotus plant, making it a healthy caffeine-free drink that can be enjoyed at any time. The natural properties of alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins may aid digestion and weight loss.


  • Aroma: Fresh and light with a sweet grassy hint
  • Leaves: Large and papery in mossy green tones
  • Liquid: A translucent sunny yellow
  • Taste: Mild, with a fresh finish
  • Caffeine-free

Box contains 50g of loose herbal tea





“Large and papery mossy green leaves used to aid in weight loss”




The lotus plant is native to India, spreading throughout the sub continent, South East Asia and China. It is mostly found in ponds and aquatic areas, with its distinctive exquisite blossom flower on the surface. We sourced our Lotus leaves from the Henan province where it is widely used by the local population.


Henan Province



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