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Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

A fine balance of freshness and complexity

Oolong teas offer the most complete drinking experience because they balance the freshness of green teas with the complex flavour of black teas. Our varieties are sourced from the most expert tea farmers in the finest growing regions of Fujian and Taiwan.

Whether you prefer our lightly oxidised varieties with their exceptionally fragrant floral notes or the richness and intensity of our dark-roasted varieties, oolong tea is a wonderful place to begin your tea-drinking journey.

Oolong teas are also well known for their slimming benefits.



The complexity of the Oolong tea taste is captured in the many stages of the production process, which includes picking, withering, tossing/bruising, part oxidising, roasting and drying.

The caffeine content of oolong tea can vary by variety and brewing time. Oolong tea is perfect for morning, lunchtime and early afternoon drinking.

Oolong Tea



    Natural Oolong

    Nai Xiang - Jin Xian

    Known in Chinese as Nai Xiang - Jin Xian, the name of this oolong tea variety – grown at high altitude in Taiwan – translates as ‘fragrant milk’. The name describes its smooth, creamy feel and petal-scented aroma.

    Unlike many inferior varieties, our natural oolong tea has nothing added or taken away, allowing the natural milky flavour of the leaves to sing. This tea is mild and soothing on the palate, but it has a wonderfully revitalising effect on the spirit.

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    Alpine Oolong

    Iron Goddess- Jie Guan Yin

    Also known as Iron Goddess (Jie Guan Yin), this part-fermented tea from Fujian has the fresh feel of a mountain spring. Its delicious flavour is the result of a complex process of plucking, sun-withering, cooling, rolling and drying by highly skilled tea farmers. Despite the time and craft that goes into producing this exceptional tea, it is beautifully easy to drink.


    Floral Oolong

    Eastern Beauty - Dong Fang Mei Ren

    This tea, known as ‘Eastern Beauty’ (Dong Fang Mei Ren), is a very mild oolong from the high mountains of Taiwan. This tea has a special flower called Tian Ye, which gives a natural sweetness from Stevia which makes it suitable for diabetes. A floral infusion, this tea works well with milk and, and makes a delicious afternoon drink to share with guests.


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