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Puerh Tea

Puerh Tea

Aged. Uniquely rich, smooth and complex

Puerh tea is rather unique. During a process of ageing under strictly-managed conditions, the leaves takes on exceptional qualities. The carefully managed process gives rise to richer, smoother and more complex flavours, while preserving the vitality of the leaf. Our puerh teas are chosen by tea masters and hand-picked by farmers from the Yunnan Province with many generations of experience. Best enjoyed like fine wines, to be sipped and savoured at special moments.


Puerh (also refereed to as dark tea) is a variety of post-fermented tea grown and produced in Yunnan Province, China. For dark tea to be called Puerh it must come from Yunnan. The origin of the name is derived from Puerh County used as a trading post for darks tea during imperial China.

Post-fermentation is process carried out by microbes naturally found in tealeaves. The two post-fermentation styles are: slow aging over years or quickly by pilling the leaves in a humid environment for a few months.

There are two types of Puerh tea: raw and cooked. We sell cooked Puerh that offers a smoother taste. The process includes picking, withering, firing, drying, shaping (e.g. compressing into cakes) and ageing.

Puerh tea contains caffeine. A unique tea prefect for a special moment.

Puerh Tea



    Five-Year-Old Puerh

    Puerh 5 year

    Our precious, high-grade 5 year aged puerh is esteemed for its rich flavour and many health benefits. Like fine wine, age adds to the character and taste of puerh teas. Lusciously velvety with woody notes, this tea is perfect for those seeking a connoisseur tea experience. This puerh is picked when the buds are well developed, before being developed by masters to create a tea that is both aromatic and mellow. This is the ultimate variety for tea lovers.

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    White Moon

    This unusual variety is somewhere between a white tea and a puerh tea. It is made with large puerh tea leaves from the Yunnan province, plucked early on dewy spring mornings. It is then sun dried in the manner of a white tea and pressed into cakes (a puerh tea technique). The tea is processed during a full moon, traditionally believed to imbue the leaves with the moon’s energy. The flavour of this exceptional blend is similar to a white tea but more intense.


    Wild Puerh

    Fresh Buds

    This puerh tea is picked from the finest buds, handpicked in the high mountains of Yunnan. The result is an unadulterated delicacy and the purest form of tea one can drink. Its sweet taste and aroma are a feast for the senses.


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