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Hand made from various different materials, our clay pots and porcelain cups and Chinese tea sets are the perfect accompaniment to our range of Chinese teas and will enable you to get the most out of your online high grade loose leaf tea purchase.
  • Bamboo Holder

    These beautiful bamboo holders offer a traditional Chinese alternative to generic tea coasters.
  • Phoenix Tea Cups

    Our popular Phoenix tea cups with a hand painted Ming Dynasty inspired design.
  • Tea Strainer

    The ideal tea strainer for your superior InNature teas! Simply add your leaves, settle the strainer inside a cup of water, and remove once your tea has reached the perfect strength.
  • Dragon Jade's Tea Cup

    This cup is from the region of Su Zhou famous for their tea rooms, their exquisite tea cups and pots of the highest quality.
  • Fish Pond Tea Cup

    A delightful little tea cup that resembles a miniature fish pond complete with Koi carp!
  • Easy Teapot

    A superb glass teapot to brew your choice of tea.


Buy Green Tea

Green Tea

Fresh and Vibrant

Black Tea

Black & Red Tea

Rich and Intense

Jasmine & Flower Tea

Jasmine & Flower

Fragrant and beguiling


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