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White Tea

White Tea

Sweet and delicate

White teas are simple to produce, but very difficult to perfect.

Originating from the spectacular mountains of Fujian, our white teas are simply picked and dried, with noting added or taken away. The result is a beautifully delicate and smooth drinking experience.



White tea has the simplest production process of the tea varieties, involving only two stages: picking and drying. Drying can be done using three techniques: ambient, sun or machine. All our teas are naturally dried using the slower ambient method without direct exposure to sun which makes the leaves more tender and milder. The tea slightly ferments during drying.

The very low caffeine content means white teas can be enjoyed at any time of day.

White Tea



    White Tea

    Silver Needle Bai Hao - Wu Yi Qu Hao

    Discover a sweeter, milder, deeper taste than known; this is truly a tea to take time over.



    Autumn Breeze

    Long Noble Life Eyebrow
    Bai Shou Mei

    With a flavour as rich and sweet as its name is amusing, Long Noble Life Eyebrow (Bai Shou Mai) receives its name from the shape of the tea leaves.


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