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Gaia’s Tea Tips

Our latest tips for helping you select the right tea and making the best of your tea drinking experience.

The teas are as good as your taste dictates, always make sure you enjoy the Teas and look at the price later. Not always the expensive teas are the best. Often is the opposite. As most things we do in life, this is a very personal choice. Do find some blends that you will like and will make you feel better. This is a choice only you can make.

Do not pay much attention to the looks of teas… most good teas or the finest do not look that perfect. The reason is simple; the teas that are all the same, with a very strong colour are most likely made in factories by machines and additives. Nature often offers asymmetric, and odd-looking leaves but the taste is to die for. For example, the best Long Jin – Dragon Well, are not really green but do have a yellow over tone.

Handpicked Teas are far superior to any other machine, large scale teas that you may find in tea bags, or very large companies. The reason is simple; The machines cannot identify the good and bad leaves as the human eye – so if you are drinking a tea bag industrialized tea you are also drinking everything the machine catches and includes part of the branches and less than ideal leaves to be consumed.

If you look for low prices, are Teas are not for you. Fresh Teas are far more expensive than the tea bags, for a very clear reason - they are fresh, not stocked in a storage for years. You can taste the difference. Fresh Teas are visible and you drink and are also far healthier than the tea mixes usually you will find in tea bags. When you open our boxes you will find only 100% Pure Fresh Tea Leaves. Taste the difference.