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White Tea

Silver Needle Bai Hao - Wu Yi Qu Hao

Discover a sweeter, milder, deeper taste than known; this is truly a tea to take time over.


  • Aroma: Delicate, sweet and oaky
  • Leaves: Velvet-furred needle shaped buds
  • Liquid: A pale, moonlit-gold infusion
  • Taste: Mild, sweet and spring-fresh flavour

50g of loose tea





Silver Needle (Bai Ho-WuYiQu Hao) is one of the most loved white teas, made from only whole buds picked at their most tender. Our rare variety from Zhen He is less well known. The downy buds are hand-picked and dried in doors with natural sun light for 10 to 14 days pending on the weather.


“White tea is a downy bud with a delicate sweet fresh flavour”

White Tea Silver Needle



This special tea is sourced from 800-1200 meter mountains in Zhen He, Fujian province. The best leaves are harvested in Spring and all our Silver Needle teas are exclusively bought during the Spring harvest.


Fujian Province




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