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Black Tea

Red Mountian - Gong Fu Tay Yang

Sourced and produced with superlative care and attention to detail, this is a black tea like no other. Also known as Red Mountain (Gong Fu Tay Yang) this variety’s full-bodied taste combines the refreshing warmth of black tea with an indulgent, caramel aroma. Our black tea combines buds and whole leaves. This is an energising, delicious and soothing drink.


  • Aroma: Sweet and rich with caramel notes
  • Leaves: Black twisted leaves with golden buds
  • Liquid: A rich, deep bordeaux colour
  • Taste: Warm and woody with sweet malt hints

Box contains 50g of loose tea





“Our black tea is a mixture of golden buds with whole back leaves”

Black Tea



This tea is sourced from Fujian. The best leaves are harvested in the Spring and our black teas are exclusively bought in the Spring.


Fujian Province